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Experience accelerated business processes, heightened solution adoption, and seamless collaboration across your organisation. From effortless onboarding to workflow optimisation and collaboration boost, PowerAccelerators empower you to achieve more with efficiency and innovation.

Accelerate Business Process

Enhance Solution

Drive Seamless Collaboration

Automated Rostering

Build shift plans and rosters with speed.

Real-time Updates

Never miss a shift or be short-staffed.

AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

Build dynamic workforce rosters that adapt to changing demands


Empower your field teams. Lower your overhead

Design dynamic, detailed forms to support your staff in the field—with no code.

V:Forms integrate with Dynamics 365, so you can populate them with your business data automatically without having to manage additional databases. Field staff can capture photos and video along with text data using any mobile device, and the information attaches to the associated case or “ticket” so it follows your workflow.

V:Forms allows you to maintain organisational efficiency and control, where the work gets done.

Hazard Identification

  Workplace Inspections
   Incident Reporting
  Employee Feedback


  Data gathering
  Photo capture

Control &

  Pre-start checklists
  Safety audits
  Proof of resolution

Field Team

  Offline mobility
  Case management integration
  Versatile forms designer



Powered by AI, Co-Pilot takes charge of automatic roster creation and shift scheduling, seamlessly integrating compliance management. Experience the smart way to effortless scheduling, ensuring precision and compliance at every step with PowerRoster Co-Pilot. 

Extend MS Dynamics

Extending the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, leading the way in field service and workforce allocations.

Effortless Time & Attendance

Ensure full visibility of who is available and when. Schedule work to the known available workforce and support out-of-hours / on-call management.

Data driven intelligence

Forecast and demand features empower your organisation with advanced data-driven insights, enabling intelligent decision-making across your workforce

Front-Line Workers Globally
0 Billion+
Large enterprises with 500+ frontline workers
0 K
Field Service experience
0 Years+

Advanced Workforce Schedule Management

More automation and less manual handling, to manage advanced and diverse workforce schedules. 
Optimising Worker Availability
Remove complexity with PowerRoster™ by:

Drive Better Results for
your Business

With PowerRoster™, never miss a shift and meet all your customers’ demands.

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