Technology to Make Travel & Accommodation Management More Efficient

A Travel & Accommodation Logistics Platform purposed for all your relevant needs whether you are in Hotel & Inns, Universities, Hospitals & Aged care, Military & Government or Mining & Facilities Management.   

A travel logistics & facility management platform can be purposed for all your relevant industries

Remote Mining Camps


Hospitals & Aged Care

Hotels & Inns



Transforming traveller self service & efficient delivery of travel, transport, and accommodation services for your Front-line Workers

Tailor your business processes, data and reporting to the needs of your particular customer, site and / or contract.

The PowerFlight platform is easily customisable to suit your organisations travel and accommodation needs. It is also user centric to meet the requirements of all areas of your business from the scheduler, travel coordinator to the front-line worker/ traveller. It is future proofed for innovation and growth.

Automation over
Manual Process 

Adapt and Cater to
Changing Demand

Reduce Overhead Administration

PowerFlight serves:

Front-Line Worker (Traveller)

Receive important notifications and view all related travel and accommodation information in the PowerFlight mobile app.


Travel Coordinator

For industries that require mobilisations of their Front-Line workers across various sites and locations PowerFlight enables the ease and efficient to manage and perform.


Accommodation Management

PowerFlight’s accommodation solutions allows the ability to cater for all scenarios and Accommodation types such as rostered swings, residency and long-term stays, dormitories and alternating stays, overnights, hotel bookings and Adhoc arrivals.


The PowerFlight platform caters for a range of people with different needs and Goals

Office Workers

Front-line Workers



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