Rostering and HR for the Front-line Worker

PowerRoster™, empowering front-line workers and improving workforce utilisation.

PowerRoster™ makes mobile front-line workforce management seamless and efficient.

Drive better results for your business by automating your workforce allocation. By extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 Universal Resource Scheduler for your enterprise.

Automated rostering

Powerful solution delivering automated front-line worker rostering.

Extending MS Dynamics

Extending the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, leading the way in field service and workforce allocations.

Plan ahead, easily

PowerRoster extends Microsoft D365 and M365 for automated forecasting, planning and allocation.


Workforce Planning & Scheduling Made Easy

Allowing organisations with large, diverse workforces to manage employee allocations and assign staff and contractors to rosters and shifts.

PowerRoster is an intuitive, cloud-based solution, based on Microsoft Power Platform that extends Dynamics 365 Field Service and Teams to empower your planners to forecast employee demand, schedule and assign the right person with the right skills accurately and efficiently for any job, anytime, anywhere.

Build shift plans & rosters with speed

Simple user interface which allows for fast roster generation, anywhere and anytime.

Never be short-staffed

Ensure full visibility of who is available and when. Schedule work to the known available workforce and support out of hours / on call managements.

Data driven intelligence

Ensure optimal resource allocation and maximise the effectiveness of the Dynamics 365 Resource Schedule Optimiser, through better staff availability modelling.

Front-Line Workers Globally
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Large enterprises with 500+ frontline workers
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Field Service experience
0 Years+

Advanced Workforce Schedule Management

More automation and less manual handling, to manage advanced and diverse workforce schedules. 
Optimising Worker Availability
Remove complexity with PowerRoster™ by:

Drive Better Results for
your Business

With PowerRoster™, never miss a shift and meet all your customers’ demands.

Flexible & Scalable

Ability to request time off and swap shifts.


Improving the Experience for your Front-line Workers

Share rosters instantly and in real time with your team, with a click of a button. Integrating with Teams, PowerRoster™ allows for you to share available shifts and allow your workers to apply for shifts, offer shift swaps and request time off.

Improve delivery by giving your team all the tools they need, anywhere in the field.

Accessible anywhere in the field, Teams allows the ability for you to schedule and dispatch your front-line workers and give them the tools they need to ensure they are informed and provided the directions necessary to complete their tasks.


Paperless work assignment for easy tracking and traceability.

Optimise routes

Optimise routes for field staff to arrive at jobs.


View up to date shift times, locations and tasks.

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